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Kunstverein hosts AtWork online platform on its website. AtWork is a project taking its point of departure from a collection of “artists' notebooks”: unique works of art created in Moleskine notebooks by more than sixty international artists. As well as a chain of interviews by the participating artists.


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Siemon Allen, James Beckett, Beatrice Catanzaro, Baaba Jakeh Chande, Hsia-Fei Chang, Kenneth “Zenzele” Chulu, Daniel Chust Peters, Marco Colombaioni, Michelangelo Consani, Daniele Costa, Gabriele di Matteo, Nicola Grobler, Lauren von Gogh, Roberto Paci Dalò, Maurizia Dova, Malachi Farrell, Seamus Farrell, René Francisco, Mohssin Harraki, Iman Issa, Ethel Kabwato, Fréderic Keiff, Daniela Kostova, Ola-Dele Kuku, Jose Lasheras, Goddy Leye, Audry Liseron-Monfils, Polonca Lovšin, Juan Pablo Maçias, Jonatah Manno, Map Office, Adriana Mariutti, Sanna Marander, Jabulani Maseko, Alzek Misheff, Ivan Moudov, Alioum Moussa, Elena Nemkova, Marcus Neustetter, Gionata Gesi Ozmo, Cameron Platter, Luca Poncellini, Luigi Presicce, Andrew Putter, Slimane Raïs, Virginia Ryan, Tere Recarens, Colin Richards, Ruth Sacks, Henri Sagna, Charles Seck, Fally Sene Sow, Pascale-Marthine Tayou, Tomaž Tomažin, Enzo Umbaca, Luca Vitone, James Webb, Sue Williamson, Hervé Yamguen, Virginia Zaharieva

"What is the space for art?" is the query that will set off a chain of unexpected answers and further questions. The sequence of questions and answers will be organised and available in an online archive on Kunstverein's website, as a way to get to know how some of the artists look at the various matters that concern us, and art in the contemporary cultural field.

AtWork is a project by lettera27 | Curator: Katia Anguelova | Advisor: Simon Njami
Il progetto è sostenuto da Moleskine

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somaini_enThe collection reflects the variety, richness and complexity of contemporary art, involving artists from different backgrounds, languages, cultures and generations; together, they constitute an affluent source of information for understanding the artists creative thinking and inexhaustible imagination. Some of the notebooks contain stories, others are turned into sculptures, but all have one thing in common: they reveal the creative processes that lead up to a finished work of art, exploring the power and documentary character of 'notes' and their endless possibilities of interpretation, to reflecting on various modes of representation and on the current trends of creation.

AtWork, is an online platform - - that employs the patrimony of the collection of art notebooks to render the artworks accessible and available under a free license (CC BY-SA) and becomes in this way breeding ground for artistic experimentation and innovation, where learning and knowledge gathering are an integral and constitutive part of artistic practice and process.

AtWork was initiated as an online exhibition project and continues to develop in different geographic locations and cultural contexts around Africa, adapting its format to each specific environment. AtWork is therefore conceived as a project in process; the online display does by no means intend to come up with definitive solutions for the presentation of art in current times. By using the Internet not only as a means for communication, but also as a possibility to implement what Malraux referred to as an Imaginary Museum, AtWork understands and uses the Web as a 'knowledge platform' inspired by a “share, remix, and reuse legally” spirit, where visitors/viewers are simultaneously users and contributors.

Kunstverein (Milano) is an experimental and intimate structure for the presentation, research and production of contemporary art. It functions as an open and itinerant structure for dialogue and exchange, in which alternative methods for the circulation and sharing of knowledge through contemporary art, are activated. As such it aims to play out the role that art may have in the knowledge based society.

On the Kunstverein website we present images of some of the notebooks as well as related essays on the project as a whole. In hosting AtWork, Kunstverein, furthermore proposes a game of 'chinese boxes' in which a first question is posed to one of the participating artists, who at their turn, and after their response has been recorded on video, pass on a question to another participating artist of their choice.

Katia Anguelova, Scattered Notes on Art Notebooks anguelova_en
Ivan Bargna, Africa, scattered in the web and contained in a notebook bargna_it
Cécile Bourne-Farrell, Nowhere // Now Here bournefarrell_en
Clare Butcher, Silent letters butcher_en
Simon Njami, For a Poetics of Immateriality njami_en
Iolanda Pensa, Contents, containers and free knowledge. Dedicated to those who are not satisfied with a glass pensa_en
Antonio Somaini, Visibility and Invisibility of the Gift somaini_en
Sue Williamson, Me and my Moleskine: a personal memoir williamson_en

lettera27 is a non-profit foundation created in July 2006. Its mission is to support the right to literacy, education, and access to knowledge and information.
lettera27 is the 27th letter of the alphabet, the missing letter, the letter yet to be, the hybrid sign, the empty box, the link between oral and written words, the connection to the future, the intersection of analog and digital.