Sanna Marander & Niklas Tafra with Claes Tellvid

Kunstverein (Milano) presents new work by Swedish artists Sanna Marander and Niklas Tafra.

May - June 2014

@Spazio Borgogno, Milano

It starts with two artists in Stockholm searching for a third artist to bring along on a journey.
Parallel to this, somewhere in south Stockholm a search dog by the name Brolle gets lost during a search mission.
However, it really started with Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte and in particular with two of the characters from the so called opera buffa: the “Albanians”, and how they loose themselves in their search for truth.

The project consists of an exhibition and a live performance


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Tying together these multiple starting points is an installation containing video that Marander and Tafra present in Milan. The video footage consists of unrecognisable shots of works of art and is presented next to a wall drawing that is based on similar source material.
The title of the presentation in Milan Housebreaking refers to both the act of entering a building as
a trespasser for an unlawful purpose as well as training a dog, or other domesticated animal. For the exhibition at Kunstverein (Milano) the artists have produced works that are, partly, speaking directly
to a specific person. In fact this person’s presence in the exhibition space is in itself one of the works and will generate further material. Claes Tellvid is a writer and artist inclined towards the cryptic and comic aspects of artistic practice. Tellvid breaks into Marander and Tafra’s work and simultaneously they appropriate his contribution. As per this date he has been commissioned by Marander and Tafra to write two texts, but the full picture of his role in this exhibition is yet to unfold.
This project will finally take the form of a travel journal and will be published by Kunstverein in fall 2014.
In their collaborative work Marander and Tafra often involve other artists through cryptic dialogues that result in installations, performances and texts, experimenting with the artwork as a faulty form of communication.

Sanna Marander works with text, performance and installation. She has recently shown her work at CAC in Vilnius, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Gävle Konstmuseum, Gallerie Invaliden in Berlin, Galleria Vistamare in Pescara, Italy.
Niklas Tafra works with performance and text through collaborative processes and has presented his work at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, CAC in Vilnius, Apiary Gallary in London, Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Vita Kuben in Umeå, Note On in Berlin, inter alia.
Claes Tellvid was active as a poet and graphic artist in the 70s and 80s. He then pursued an academic career working as an archivist for the Swedish National Archives. He is the author of two books of poetry. His graphic work was recently the subject of an exhibition at OEI Colour Project in Stockholm.

Housebreaking was realised with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Rome, Galleria Vistamare, Sapzioborgogno, and the generous members of Kunstverein.

Thanks to:
Piercarlo Borgogno, Brice Delarue, Stefano Pezzato, Benedetta Spalletti, Kunstverein (Milano) members.